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Large Pistol Range

IRPC’s Large Pistol Range is for ALL pistols greater than .22 caliber. Like our .22 range, the Large Pistol Range is also equipped with shooing benches and a variety of metal gongs. ALL shooters must stay a MINIMUM of 25 yards from all targets.

Each year, our club members work together to develop new shoots and events. Items for discussion have been a 3 gun shoot, conceal and carry practice shoot, women’s shooting clinic, etc. As a result of these discussions and member input, IRPC as added Conceal and Carry classes and Women's Shooting Clinic as regular events to our schedule.

All of our pistol and rifle ranges have specific information posted regarding caliber size limits and minimum shooting distances. Please read and follow posted rules.

Please check our Events section for updates and new events or download our schedule on the forms page.

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