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Archery Range

Our "NEW" Walk-through 3D Archery Range has 15 3D stations including some with multiple targets ranging from 10 yards to 60 yards. The 3D range is located at the end of the dirt road beginning at the entrance gate (right next to the practice trap - follow the signs). The first 9 targets has you meander through the trees on a marked path providing challenging shots for all levels of shooters. The remainder of the targets are spread across the open field and can bee seen on the right as you approach the start. Most of the open field is kept natural to resemble what you might see if you were actually out hunting; however, the lanes leading to the target for arrow retrieval, etc. are mowed.

Our existing Archery Range is now referred to as the Archery Sight-in Range. The grass is well groomed and cut short and each target has been equipped with rubber back-ups to help reduce arrow loss. All the old targets have been replaced with new targets, including one target specifically designed for crossbows. We also feature a raised platform for bowmen to sight their bows for tree stand and downhill situations (or just for fun).

Archery is one of the most popular stations during our annual "Family Days" which takes place every August. We have 2 Ranges set-up during Family Days (Adult and Child). Both of our Archery Ranges have had upgrades with improved 3D targets.

In Addition, IRPC also participates in the Annual Archery Event with 4-H at Hunt Hill.

Be sure to watch our Events page for updates.​

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