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Women's Free Basic Pistol Class

What you'll learn

  • Parts of Firearm & how they work

  • Ammunition types and how to understand what the ammo box means

  • Causes of malfunctions and how to clear them

  • How to handle safely

  • Shooting positions

  • How to grip, aim, squeeze, clean

  • Professional course instruction
  • Female friendly
  • Inter-active, much discussion
  • Relevant videos 

2024 Dates

  • May 25th, 2024

  • August 10th, 2024

Certified Concealed Carry, WI, MN, UT, FL, AZ, IA

NRA Safety Training, One to One Training

NRA Safety Officer

WI & MN      Call to Pre- Register 

Kermit Van Roekel 515-371-8813

FurtherU Training LLC

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